RocketLauncher Bezels

The files below are for use with RocketLauncher emulation software.  They provide bezel art to fill up the blank portion of the screen when MAME games are played on a 16:9 monitor.  They are designed to display your games at full size on your monitor, which should help prevent unnecessary visual distortion when using CRT shaders.

Browse the list below to download a specific game’s bezel.

Or, CLICK HERE to download all bezels in a single .zip file.


Apr 3, 2016 – Added Hammerin’ Harry, Joust, Jumping Jack, and Mario Bros.
Apr 2, 2016 – Added Kicker and Moon Patrol

Hammerin’ Harry


Jumping Jack


Mario Bros (adapted from AlexDC22’s bezel for the same game)

Moon Patrol (adapted from AshuraX’s bezel for the same game)