January 5, 2015

Arcade Cabinet Update: 1/2015

The winter weather has not been cooperating with my plans to go outside and cut wood for the arcade cabinet.  So, I decided to start designing some of the graphics that I'll use for the marquee, admin panel, and control panel.

I think I've settled on an Avengers theme.  Here's what my last couple days have been spent creating...

Control Panel


Admin Panel with 7" Display Cutout


  1. I love the theme that you have used. May I ask what software did you use to create these? especially the control panel?

    1. Thanks! I just used GIMP to put my art together. There's a link to download the art in the comments of the Control Panel post here: https://www.rxbrad.com/2016/10/arcade-cabinetcontrol-panel.html#comment-form