Crosscut Sleds Are Cool

When I made my side table, this little bugger was ridiculously helpful.

I won’t go into a ton of detail on the build, because there are plenty of great examples on YouTube.  Here’s one that I used. 

Of note, my Skil 3410-02 table saw has tabbed miter slots.  That complicated things when it came to the runners for my crosscut sled.  I used this video for pointers on how to make the maple runners T-shaped to fit into the slots. 

Once I got everything assembled and finished the sled with lacquer from a spraycan, the sled didn’t glide worth a crap on my table saw.  This is because, for whatever reason, Skil made their tabletop with a grippy, sandpapery, surface.  To fix this, I got out my palm sander, and sanded the top flat (or at least as flat as I could). 

That helped some, but it still wasn’t great.  So, I applied paste wax to both the underside of the sled, and to the table saw’s tabletop. Then, after letting it dry for a few minutes, I wiped it off (wax on, wax off…  kind of like waxing a car).

A can of SC Johnson paste wax

Once that was done, the sled slid slick as snot.

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