I Made a Raised Dog Bowl Stand

I made another thing.  It’s a stand to elevate my almost-18-year-old-dog’s food bowl.

I feed her, honest.. she’s just really, really old and a really skinny breed (Italian Greyhound) to start with.

I won’t go into many details because I’m lazy and I only post here about once every two years.  But here it is disassembled.

Two pieces of plywood with slots which fit together crosswise to form a dog bowl stand.

The stand is sloped at a 15 degree angle from front-to-back.  And the cut on top is also 15 degrees off from perpendicular, to allow the bowl to lay flat on the two pieces as they cross over each other. 

The material is cheap plywood, with an oak dowel on each half to keep the bowl from sliding off the front.  The whole thing is finished with four coats of water-based polyurethane.

That’s it.  That’s the post.  Look at the thing I made!

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